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  • Monday, Jun 22, 2020

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    How Facebook Is Undermining Black Lives Matter

    Jack Dorsey is from ST Louis, just 12 miles from Ferguson. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter.

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    How Facebook Is Undermining Black Lives Matter
    now being used to undermine and even hijack it Well, I think it's.

    important to remember that a majority of Americans support black lives matter. You know, the data we have suggests that black lives matter is actually much more popular among Americans than it was in 2014. I think the thing that has changed is.

    social media.


    The New York Times. I'm likable. Borrow. This is the daily.


    Facebook and Twitter are publicly voicing support for black lives matter and its mission in this moment.

    But my colleague Kevin Roose took a close look at what's actually happened on their platforms.

    It's Monday, June 22nd.

    Kevin, you just.

    spent the past few months making a Siri's about the rise of extremism on the Internet. Rabbit hole, right? But the last time you and I talked here on the daily, it was back in the fall, and.

    the two biggest names in social media, Facebook and Twitter, were under fire for the huge amount of misinformation. Other platforms on Congress brought the heads of those companies. Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, Jack Dorsey from Twitter.

    out to testify. And if.

    I like a pretty.

    defining moment for them when it comes to this question of what is the role of a social media company in our civic discourse? So what has happened since then.

    Well, I think thes social networks have continued to grapple with these questions of responsibility and free speech and what's allowed and what's not allowed on their platforms.

  • Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017

    Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017

    Congress finally called the tech platforms to hearings in Washington on Capitol Hill Tuesday was the first of three we didn't see Mark Zuckerberg Shell Sand Burger, Jack Dorsey of Twitter.

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    Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017
    And all of the news network sent their very top people. They showed up, they apologized. They said we had it wrong and they vowed to fix it, and they all said it stops with us where the top people we take.

    responsibility. I assure this committee that CNN will go the last mile to fix the problems which have been identified.

    as I have told our staff. And I know that we all understand it. We would rather be right than first.

    eso Jim, why are you thinking about that moment right now? Because here we are, with a much worse incident, Right? Much worse foreign intrusion into our election. This time that interference was abetted by not necessarily news networks, but the tech companies Facebook, Google and Twitter. Thank you, Chairman Graham and ranking member White House. And I'd like to thank our three witnesses for joining us today. Why has it taken Facebook 11 months to come forward and help us understand the scope of this problem? See it clearly for the problem? It is and begin to work in a responsible legislative way to address it. When former President Obama cautioned your CEO that this was a big problem and Facebook needed to come forward.

    Thank you, Senator, I appreciate the question.

    So basically, after weeks, if not months of cajoling from Congress, tell us what happened. Show us what happened. Congress finally called the tech platforms to hearings in Washington on Capitol Hill Tuesday was the first of three we didn't see Mark Zuckerberg Shell Sand Burger, Jack Dorsey of Twitter. There we saw their lawyers.

    My name is Colin Stretch, and since July 2013 I have served as the general counsel of Facebook. Twitter understands the importance of the committee's inquiry into extremist content. My name is Richard Salgado. As director of law enforcement and information security at Google, I worked with the thousands of people.

  • Saturday, Jun 6, 2020

    'Rabbit Hole,' Episode 8: 'We Go All'

    CEO Jack Dorsey stands my decision to fact check.

    0 Hours, 20 Minutes, 26 Seconds

    'Rabbit Hole,' Episode 8: 'We Go All'
    our friends and neighbors assigned volunteer because their agenda.

    is president. 20.

    They want to.

    get controlled.


    They want the deep state back in control.

    because President Trump 16 it wasn't into the better.

    It was meaning.

    in response to Cove. In 19 people around the world are coming together to help one another in an unprecedented show of solidarity and resilience. Facebook's community help feature is making that easier, from delivering groceries to neighbors to donating to a local fundraiser or food pantry. Community help provides a place where you can offer or request support in your area, so if you need help or can offer it, go to facebook dot com slash covitz support that's facebook dot com slash covert support.

    The CEO.

    of YouTube Her Majesty Susan Wyshynski has decided that she is the arbiter of truth, Twitter.

    CEO Jack Dorsey stands my decision to fact check. Trump, you can't just take what you like Mark Zuckerberg.

    and get rid of the stuff you don't like.

    These are the people.

    controlling what you're now allowed to think and say in America. Monopolistic power over the public square taking content down off of Twitter off of YouTube. That is the modern equivalent off book burning.

    right? So, Kevin, add you and I were talking today in June 2020 a year into all of this kind of a big question, but like, where is it? Things stand with the Internet.

  • Saturday, May 9, 2020

    'Rabbit Hole,' Episode 4: Headquarters

    Jack Dorsey was an early memory for you of the Internet.

    0 Hours, 4 Minutes, 7 Seconds

    'Rabbit Hole,' Episode 4: Headquarters
    add money and.

    things like that.

    She actually came onto this campus with a gun and shot three people and shot herself. It was a really.

    horrible, traumatic thing for the people here, and so, as a result, they've really stepped up security So I'm not surprised that we're.

    getting scoped out by the security guys.

    so they lead us inside. So this is the lobby.

    and we go down this set of back stairs. I've been here, but not to the basement. But what is just studios down.

    And that's where we meet.

    Hi, I Teoh before we get into the interview itself. What is Susan like as a person? Like, what was your first impression of her? Grab you a chair. So how are you doing? Okay. How are you? She's doesn't.

    really have, like, text CEO vibes.

    I did not major in computer science. I have a history and literature undergraduate degree.

    She doesn't really get the same kind of attention as Mark Zuckerberg. Jack Dorsey was an early memory for you of the Internet. And what you thought it waas.

    Well, I first saw the.

    Internet, probably in my late twenties.

    but she's actually been around the tech world for longer than either of them.

    And, of course, I remember Netscape, like Google.

    actually started in her garage. What is Ah, what does that mean? It's serve a wild piece of Silicon Valley trivia.

    She was working at Intel and living in Silicon Valley. And these two Stanford grad students named Sergey Brin and Larry Page. They were looking for a place to house their brand new start up this search engine called Google, and eventually they convinced her to come over and help them build it as a business. And she became Google's 16th employees. So, you know, then you became history's most successful landlord. Um, and you.

  • Thursday, Oct 18, 2018

    Letting Louis C.K. Back Onstage

    Why should this guy was named Jack Dorsey.

    0 Hours, 12 Minutes, 25 Seconds

    Letting Louis C.K. Back Onstage
    you should have the right to change the channel. I do hear you putting the responsibility for all this.

    on others. In a sense, the audience and it still feels like a very powerful decision as the person who controls the venue.

    the master Quest, say this person can come back.

    Maybe. Maybe it sounds like you just.

    say they asked Twitter to filter tweets all the time. Anyone probable fitter. So the question in my mind is okay. So Roseanne Barr had that awful racist tweet.

    Do we wish that Twitter had filter that out before it ever got out.

    That tweet could have never seen the light of day.

    We better off.

    or worse, off that they didn't do that. I think we're better off. And she should get the ire of the the country that she deserves. Or she should be able to make the case of why she wants forgiveness and.

    whatever it.

    is. Why should this guy was named Jack Dorsey.

    Why does he have.

    to filter the.

    data for your Twitter? Yeah, but im saying Mawr as a citizen.

    I've never wanted that. It's like they might as well burn books and and band mind Kumpf like like that. We feel that on Lee, the good people, only the good ideas should ever even be able to get to us. We should never meal to go buy them. We should not be able to read my income. We shouldn't be able to learn about this guy. Don't worry, don't worry. That guy up there, he he's read it and he's decided for us, and there's nothing more you could learn by reading it.

    What crime.

    would you say? What painter? That's it. You're never gonna pick up your brushes again. That's it. I wonder no, where you think.

    the line needs to be drawn, though. Are you saying that no matter who the person is what the allegations are recent, not recent, that you'll let that person on the line has to be drawn by institutions. But we need to change the laws and the causes of action.

    We need procedures and institutions for this. There aren't really laws or formal procedures. For some of the cases were talking, I think masturbating in front of someone 11 years ago. So I wear two. Huge. Where do you I reject the question. I would move to try to find a way to get our institutions to be able to deal with this better. And I don't understand where you draw the line. I hear you're going where I don't want to drug, I mean personally, if I if if somebody ah.